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Atomic force and scanning tunneling microscopy


We apply the so called scanning probe methodes (SFM, STM) to obtain local information about the surface of different materials. We focus mainly on scanning force techniques which allow us to measure on non-conductiong surfaces. At the moment we are interested in molecular magnets and irradiated surfaces. Within the frame of a SFB-project we want to apply a special dynamic SF technique, the eddy current microscopy (ECM). With this technique we plan to measure the conductivity of small metallic structures without the need to contact them.

Interaction of ions with surfaces


When a surface is irradiated a number of interesting effects can be observed. We are interested in nanometer-hillocks, which are produced if insulating surfaces are hit by swift heavy ions. Within the frame of a SFB-project we study the interaction of highly charged ions with metallic surfaces. With the help of thin metal film detectors we want to characterize the energy dissipation of the potential energy carried by the projectile.

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